Guy Raymond Anderson, Jr.

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To improve and leverage my experience and skill set with Enovia/Catia/KBE and Knowledge Management tools to deal with more expansive projects and goals, and to make full use of the skills that I have gained to date.


Textron Aviation Sept '13 - Present
Principal Application Engineer

Supporting the deployment of Catia V5/V6/Enovia V6 and KBE Systems.

Airbus Industries Sept '05 - Sept '13
Process Technology Group Lead

Knowledge Based Engineering Architect and Lead for V5 implementation and Wing Design. This task is to help build a strong foundation of parametric design, morphable components and assemblies, and Engineering tools for concept to production time compression.

Johnson Controls Sept '01 - Sept '05
KBE Lead Engineer

Knowledge Based Engineering Architect for V5 implementation and Seat Design. This task was to help build a strong foundation of parametric design, morphable components and assemblies, and Engineering tools for concept to production time compression.

Proficiency, Inc. Mar 01-July 01-2001
Senior Application Engineer

I worked as a consultant for an emerging software development company. Their current focus is fully parametric feature exchange into a Universal Part Representation file format. This allows fully featured data exchange between Catia, ProE, UG and Ideas. They are creating what the STEP translator was promised to be but never was...the Holy Grail of CAD...

INCAT Systems Mar 98-Feb '01
Catia/Alias Applications Engineer

I worked as an Application Engineer doing PreSales Demos, Training, Onsite Consulting, Installation and customization, and design process reviews. I have several years of Catia experience, and have taken the Catia University Demo Skills Workshop from Paul Creteau, and Catia V5 Fundamentals and Digital Mockup from Art Fowler. I am V5L1 Certified by IBM and Dassault, and I also presented Studio Rendering Made Simple at COE in Orlando in the Fall of 1999.

Boeing Wichita Mar '96 - Mar 98
Catia Instructor/Training Coordinator, Human Resource Development

Developed course materials, Beta Tested version 4.1.8, instructed a class size of 20, and prepared for the installation of and training requirements for Catia v4.1.8. I also specified an upgrade plan for the Boeing Catia Lab. to help Boeing transition into a 'Distributed' Unix Catia environment. I also instructed 'Single Glass' courses, which is Boeing's version of a common desktop computer that gives the user access to the mainframe, Windows applications, Unix shells and Stress applications, Mainframe Catia, Distributed Catia, internet access, Code compilers, etc. A final note is the ongoing development of a class that will utilize a Faro brand portable CMM for Reverse Engineering in conjunction with Catia's new Cloud functionality.

Boeing Wichita Mar '95 - '96
Senior Tool Designer - 737 NG, Section 48

In this job capacity, I concepted tooling, designed tooling, and coordinated the finalization of Catia drawings on the rear fuselage of the aircraft. This included coordination with Engineering, Digital Pre-Assembly, Fly-thru analysis and recorded sequences for Critical Design Reviews, Kinematic and Robotic datasets, Human Modeling, Catia Tubing runs, Tool fabrication expertise, a knowledge of producibility concerns and offload vendor requirements.

Mar '94 - '95 Design/Draftsman - IR&D

In this assignment, I worked as a Catia loftsman and Catia Solids specialist on superplastically formed monolythic titanium structures. I designed 'SPF' parts and detailed them per Engineering standards, as well as contributing to the development of specialized tooling for the 'SPF' process. I spent a considerable amount of time coordinating part production in Grand Prairie, TX. This included on-site representation of the Boeing Company at Northrup-Grumman during the fabrication of experimental parts, and detailed analysis of the process.


Boeing Seattle Aug '93 - Mar '94
Senior Tool Designer - 747 Struts and Nacelles, All Airplane Models

Special assignment to the 747 Strut Modification Program in Seattle. This included the concepting of in-field strut modification kits on Catia, and the output of this digital information for 1/10th scale stereolithographic models. I simultaneously concepted and coordinated the modification of the production tooling at Boeing Wichita for the subsequent strut redesign.

Boeing Wichita May '92 - Aug '93
Tool Designer - 777 Section 41 and 43

Concepted tooling on Catia, and acted as a vendor point of contact to a vendor in L.A., Ca.
This included Digital Pre-Assembly of all associated aircraft components and tooling for interference analysis.

Boeing Wichita Mar '91 - May '92
Catia Instructor, Human Resource Development

In this assignment, I developed and taught Catia Robotics, Kinematics, Human Modeling, Tubing, and several 777 seminars on related subjects and procedures.

Boeing Wichita Jun '89 - Mar '91
Tool Designer - Fuselage, All Models

In this assignment, I designed commercial tooling and incorporated improvements to existing tooling to help meet the flow rate increases on all models of the aircraft. This included the use of Cimlinc and Catia. In June of '90 I attended Catia Training, and was encouraged by my instructor to consider becoming a Catia Instructor.

Boeing Military - Advanced Airlift Systems Jun '86 - Jun '89
Tool Designer - A6 Composite Rewing Program

This assignment required the use of Cadam 2.5D software, for the lofting of 3D gages for use by the rest of my group. I worked detail tooling, and Assembly tooling, with special attention to the carbon composite assembly process. I also worked NASA-1 tooling, and F22 composite layup tooling.

Smith-Gruner - an Sii Mining Company Jun '84 - Feb '86
Machine Designer

I worked as a Machine and Tool Designer, and assisted in tool fabrication. This job was very much like an apprenticeship. The tasks were varied in scope and technicality, and provided a good base for the aforementioned assignments.


Computing Information Systems @ Friends University of Central Kansas

Boeing Management and Engineering courses

Associate of Applied Science in Design and Drafting Technology @ 

Northern Oklahoma College


Catia V5R3 Level 1, DMU Navigator


I have received several commendations for supporting goals and objectives while at Boeing, and have been published several times by Catia Solutions magazine. My Chess Table design and rendering was also a winner in the 2001 CADEE Worlwide Image Contest.


Currently serve as a DPC Chair for Catia Operators Exchange and an Editorial Advisor for Catia Solutions Magazine.